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    Age: 16, 20.10.2002
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:83529912
    Stamm Points: 5086, 05.01.2019

    I would like to be:

    I would like to be a CSGO-Moderator for your servers.

    Where did you find us?

    I found your community while searching randomly in the csgo community browser for a jail server back in the days.

    Tell us about you. Here you can write everything you want.

    Well my nickname is KingS and I am a 16 years old Lukas from Germany. Me and my little clan Flying-Fox (FF) are known members on the teamspeak and I have been a part of this community for over 2 and a half years.

    In my freetime I usually play cs or doing something for my hobby, which is american football and I still go to school. I can also speak english fluently and a bit french.

    What makes you different from the other applicants? What do you bring individually?

    First of all I would say my way of being 100 % neutral in heated situations and know how to speak with angry persons, who are not following the rules. I am also a very helpful person for others who arent that good at surfing for example.

    Cause I am part of this community for such long time I know very well how they deal with person breaking rules on their servers.

    If you have any open questions, feel free to ask


    KingS / Lukas

    Finally write a "funny" one-liner that we don't know yet!

    Ich bin jetzt im " komm du erst mal in mein Alter!"