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    Where did you find us?

    After surfing on and off for around a year, I quit because i'm lazy and wasn't getting good. As you can see nothing has changed since returning to the surf world.

    I found the server when looking for a fresh start to surfing and found this server through popularity and quickly rose through the ranks ;)

    With the new GOD tag i've acquired i can now show everyone that being a 'god' does not make you a god.

    Tell us about you. Here you can write everything you want.

    My name is Adam as most of you have found out already as I basically live on this server now

    I am 17 years of age but before you know it ill be 18, legal, and ready for action.

    I am from the UK from Northamptonshire (lets just call it London to make life easy) and am currently in Sixth form education

    I did german in year 7-8 so I can tell you my birthday and which teacher is my favourite (i've heard these are essential in the german language)

    Applied to Uni of oxford and got rejected so I'm a noob.

    What makes you different from the other applicants? What do you bring individually?

    Being from the UK i can bring the accent that we all hate to the table and really guide people on how to be shit at surfing.

    I was individually coached by zitrone for a mere 30 seconds and how now become an actual God.

    I'm happy to teach people how to surf but cant promise results.

    I'm willing to be taught german because im a real cool kid

    Finally write a "funny" one-liner that we don't know yet!

    Adxmp getting a surf record