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    Sorry for that problem :/

    Can you say me:

    Mapname, Your Name when you played the game.

    (maybe the vid again cuz its not longer available)

    "Acknoledged" Im proud of you :3

    Hope thats enough :D



    1) Don't Used the Application Form.

    2) Don't know what he need to get Admin

    2.1) No Member

    2.2) Must be 16 and and not "11"

    2.3) You need 4800 minutes Playtime you got only 764minutes

    2.4) Never saw you on Teamspeak


    It's very scary that admins can ban pretty much for anything,

    Yeah if someone says "Your Mother is a Bitch"he will get banned instantly. I Apologize that he don't ban him immediately =) and the "idiot" was maybe the thing what overflowed the barrel. =)

    Yeah if someone only discuss over Bans what "allegedly" unfair. We give everyone the decision to leave :3

    We have been working for ~ 4 years with this system and we are very satisfied with that. <3

    [The formal bye]

    Thanks for your support and goodbye =)

    Yeah its an issue with the Server.

    You can write !p or !profile select your style and refresh your Profil self. After Map change and finish a Map, it should show your real rank.

    edit. 25.02.18 06.00 am.

    You can try that above. But i mean i know how to fix it.

    I can say the rank what you see is not wrong and not right :D (actually it is always right)

    But i need to test more.

    Dont get panic :3 you still have your points? So all is fine :D if not => PANIC!

    I will write more at Monday/Tuesday for the Patchday \(^-^)

    I apologize for the inconvenience,