Feedback for Broken-Network by Skrr#4134

  • Ever since I started playing all the different kinda of Counter Strike (1.6, CS:S, CS:GO) I was completly exalted about everything with movement. That‘s basically why I started trying to get better at kz first (and surf later). I didn‘t take things that seriously to around 2016 but then I tried to get better and beat records in kz and stopped playing it for the fun just playing the community gamemode unleashed in me. And that‘s wen I first really began surfing.

    I really don‘t know when I joined one of thr servers first (wasn‘t around 2016 for sure tho) but I somehow always crossed ways with (especially) surf and bhop servers from Broken-Network(BN).

    As I always quitted CS:GO for some time periods of a year and almost lost track of it I‘m obsessed of it and it‘s movements like in my ealry days of playing it again today which is great because it somehow makes me have fun. What probably resulted out of BN‘s postive community and Staff ( all but Zitrone :3 ) which weren‘t toxic like on any other Servers at this or any past time.

    With that being said, here my rating.

    Servers: 10/10

    Servers performance is incredible, I never saw or noticed any mistakes of servers being offline due to the hosting etc.. Aswell there are sooooooo many servers that even I haven‘t played on all of them. Aswell there are many servers devided by difference skill groups(for example(f.e.) in cs:go surf) which allow all different kinds of users to play. People have the option to see all the other servers by just typing /servers on one of them, which really helps finding and switching between f.e. skill groups

    Community: 10/10

    As I already said BN‘s Community is one of the best communitys I know in the world of CS:GO. They‘re positive, friendly, helpfull, and take care of people, who want to ruin this harmony, by themself and due the report feature.

    Staff: 9,9/10

    Staff is always online to handle any problems you got. They are not presumptuous and very friendly. I can‘t give 10 because today(11.03.2019) I first witnessed a case of no staff member taking care of my report ( :sadface: ). But as wonderfull as this is organized I‘ll just wrote an staff Member an quick message in the forums with proof of the violation of the rules and he took care of it very fast.

    I hope my Feedback helped some people to get an idea what‘s it like being part of BN Community.

    I hope that I see you (yes, exacly you!) around soon!