All Rules (Forum;Cs:Go;Garry's Mod)

  • Hello,

    in this thread you will find rules of our Forum,CsGo-Servers and Gmod-Servers.



    You shouldn't spam useless threads or useless comments.

    Don't bully or insult each other.


    Use the dashboard for usefull shoutouts and praise.

    How to get Member ?

    Sign yourself up with your Steamacc.

    After that comment down below the GET MEMBER thread.



    As we told you: You are permitted to use the callsystem, but don't abuse it.

    Only call an Admin, if he's is breaking any of the listed rules from down here!


    Nazi related stuff and racism is both banned under Nazistuff.

    Even the accusation as a Nazi is bannable.

    If you are joking about such topics, you should be clear that it could be misunderstood.


    Insulting is self explaining. Don't call somebody out or bully them.

    We consider any insult as serious. You are not allowed to insult anybody, even if it just your friend.

    Don't use that childish arguments like: "But he did start."

    The only thing you could reach with that, is a ban for him aswell. Your own won't be lifted.

    Swearing is rule breaking aswell.

    We consider it as insulting. Normally the punishment for swearing is lower.


    Any kind of spam will be muted or gagged.


    As you might have noticed: We have Surf,B-Hop and Pakour/Minigame Servers.

    We don't have a Tradingserver. But there are plenty out there.

    If you want to trade, add the person and don't annoy other players with that conversation.


    Because our admins speak german and english, we allow both languages.

    Stick to german and english, so you don't get muted.


    Any kind of music will be muted. It does include singing, beatbox, musicbots and so on.

    You can change your voiceroom using !vr to a Musicroom, so you don't face the consequenses of this rule.

    Rap battles

    We've got a voiceroom just for Rap battles. Use it, because Rap battles in other voicerooms could be understood as insulting and banned.


    You are not allowed to abuse bugs (does not include short-term removal of features)

    If you think a player used a bug in his run, report him to one of our admins

    This includes sidewaysboosting and crouchboosting

    Report bugs to admins using !call or just by talking to them

    Those are all of our rules.

    Here some simple things you should know:

    • Admins don't need to warn you, if they ban/mute/gag/whatever.
    • Admins follow their rules and punish you.
    • We accept videos as a prove for anything. A screenshot will not be accepted in most cases.
    • Our Admins will have Mod/Admin in front of their name(in surf skill just in chat)

    Mr.Zitrone and Das kleine Uef are the only exception to that

    Have fun playing! Hope to see you on our Servers

    With regards

    The BN-Adminteam